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Monday, 26 April 2010
Also at the beginning of the month we sent an email that contained the following message. Subject: fined - a brawl team For immediate publication.

Two of the directors of a start up business are believed to be the first to have agreed to pay an on-the-spot fine, under a new voluntary code of conduct, which comes into force today.
The fine can be imposed by any member of a Neighbourhood Watch.
An offender is deemed as "any resident who intentionally or unintentionally disturbs the peace and tranquility of the neighbourhood".
It is apparently known as the "bobbing wide test", after it was first trialled in the mid seventies by the residents of the village of Bobbing, in Kent.

The incident, which happened very early this morning came about under rather bizarre circumstances.
The kerfuffle was between two teams of entrepreneurs who had discovered amazing new ways of finding things. Both were planning to launch their products on the world wide web today.
But it was not until late in their web site testing that they accidentally discovered each other's web sites .. and the remarkable and unmistakable similarities between them.

They soon realised that they had both commissioned their new web sites from the same company. So, although their grievances were not initially with each other, a slight brawl broke out after both groups arrived at the offices of the website designer/developer to voice their complaints.

Apologising later, the owner of one company said, "I'm sorry, but in the heat of things I got 'blobbing wild' (pun intended).".
Judge for yourself. The two websites are:

Our reporter has been in touch with the website developers who have agreed to release a statement later today.