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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Your website designed for the 2010's, YOUR for only twenty-tenners.

Bobbing Wide are now offering small businesses the opportunity to take ownership of their own websites, to get more involved in social networking and to start building up their own content without having to be dependent upon your web designer/developer.

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010
Over the next couple of days there will be quite a few changes to the Bobbing Wide websites as I make the new Drupal version of the Bobbing Wide website (currently at ) the live version at

The steps will be:

  1. The content of the current site will be cloned to 
  2. will then be parked on
  3. URL redirects for .php pages on will be set up so that Google links are not broken. 
  4. The site will be changed to "make a big thing" of WordPress one-page Wonder websites.
  5. will be cloned to the (dormant) 
  6. will be unparked
  7. then will be returned to it's techno-babble heavy state.
Does that make sense?

Friday, 18 June 2010

As mentioned in a previous blog item there are now two further blog from Bobbing Wide.

"Fair enough", you say, "but what does that mean to me?"

Well... in my view

web design
is the creation of a new website, considering the page structure./layout, graphics, fonts, typography, block shapes sizes and colours and all the other things that make a website look nice.
web development
is the work required to turn the dream into reality. More about this when the world cup match is over
This blog, which is built as a free blog using Google Blogger, was set up a while back. I have now created two other blogs which are hosted on their own domains. is the Bobbing Wide blog for web design. It covers the look and feel, the user interface (now called User eXperience (UX)) and less technical stuff to do with websites and web 2.0. However it might get a bit techy for some readers. If this happens then tell me won't you. is the Bobbing Wide blog for web development. It covers the more technical details of using the PHP programming language, MySQL relational database and Content Management Systems such as Drupal and WordPress. The reason I am writing this blog entry is two fold.
  1. To point readers towards the new blogs
  2. To confirm that the Drupal Aggregator module on the website is working correctly
  3. and (in true Monty Python Style)
    so I can point back to this blog in any notes I may write about Google Blogger if and when I find it necessary.
Monday, 26 April 2010
Also at the beginning of the month we sent an email that contained the following message. Subject: fined - a brawl team For immediate publication.

Two of the directors of a start up business are believed to be the first to have agreed to pay an on-the-spot fine, under a new voluntary code of conduct, which comes into force today.
The fine can be imposed by any member of a Neighbourhood Watch.
An offender is deemed as "any resident who intentionally or unintentionally disturbs the peace and tranquility of the neighbourhood".
It is apparently known as the "bobbing wide test", after it was first trialled in the mid seventies by the residents of the village of Bobbing, in Kent.

The incident, which happened very early this morning came about under rather bizarre circumstances.
The kerfuffle was between two teams of entrepreneurs who had discovered amazing new ways of finding things. Both were planning to launch their products on the world wide web today.
But it was not until late in their web site testing that they accidentally discovered each other's web sites .. and the remarkable and unmistakable similarities between them.

They soon realised that they had both commissioned their new web sites from the same company. So, although their grievances were not initially with each other, a slight brawl broke out after both groups arrived at the offices of the website designer/developer to voice their complaints.

Apologising later, the owner of one company said, "I'm sorry, but in the heat of things I got 'blobbing wild' (pun intended).".
Judge for yourself. The two websites are:

Our reporter has been in touch with the website developers who have agreed to release a statement later today.

At the beginning of the month we sent out an email to local golf organisations promoting the new product called the "find a ball tees".
The promotional website also includes a video of the "find a ball tees" in action.

The email that we sent out read as follows:

Subject: Press Release: find a ball tees

Hello, 'find a ball tees' are a brand new company trying to get some exposure for our product, aimed at golfers young and old, up and down the country.

The 'find a ball tees' may not improve your golf but can save you money.

Our new products are called the 'find a ball tees'.

We currently have two models:

  • Small Blue - which is more flexible and suitable for beginners
  • Green Tee - which is better when searching for a ball in deep rough.

As we are not yet up to full production capacity we are initially focusing on the South coast of England but eventually we would hope for worldwide distribution.

It would greatly assist us if you could forward this email to anyone who may be interested in purchasing the product, stocking them in their shop or other forms of distribution.

For details on the products see our website:

We look forward to doing business with you.

Please respond to
or add a comment to our Facebook page.

thank you.

Thursday, 1 April 2010
Bobbing Wide now has its own page on Facebook.

The long version of the address is:

The short version, created using is